Mrs. Valerie Trujillo - Interim Superintendent
Mrs. Valerie Trujillo - Interim Superintendent
Taos Municipal Schools Interim Superintendent
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About Mrs. Valerie Trujillo - Interim Superintendent

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Our vision at Taos Municipal Schools, to “Inspire excellence and life-long success through teaching, learning and collaboration.” is more important than ever before. With the challenges of the pandemic, our ailing budgets and tragedy that has hit our community and country hard, we continue our commitment to lead the way towards providing our students with an excellent educational experience, no matter what challenges are handed down to us.

Our primary goal is the safety of our students their social-emotional health. We assure you that we will do everything possible and stay within the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines to keep every child and staff members safe. I would like to thank our forty-six member TMS Reopening Task Force who created the plans that include remote, blended and back to normal in order for our district to transition back and forth when needed, as directed by the NM Public Education Department.

One of the greatest strengths of Taos Municipal Schools is its diversity- the people, the programs, and most of all the opportunities for our students. The strengths and benefits which result from that diversity are reflected every day in the accomplishments of our students and staff. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students, so they are supported and comforted in the school environment. We truly do love every student in every school.

This preparation occurs day in and day out in classrooms from prekindergarten through high school, and every day is critical. In the peaks and valleys of our school year, teachers strive every day to provide students with as much support and love that they deserve.

Our next phase of this continuous challenge this year will be defined by the opportunities we create for our students and parents furthest from opportunity. I look forward to working diligently with our community and collaborating to create a safe, supportive and an equitable learning environment to promote social and emotional development for every student in our District. Thank you for your confidence in our teachers/staff to lead this incredible District, Taos Municipal Schools. I am grateful for such an inspiring community as we strive to get through this pandemic. Together we will comfort and support our children for them to begin to engage in learning!

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